ADHD & Executive Function Coaching

helping students, parents and adults navigate the ADHD superhighway

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a recent ADHD diagnosis?

Are you a student struggling at school while everyone tells you how smart you are, how much potential you have and you just need to try harder?

Do you feel stuck in a rut while everyone else races by you, not sure how to dig yourself out and get back on the road headed towards your goals?

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How can ADHD & Executive Function Life Coaching help?

Fast Brain Coaching helps you. . .

  • find answers when you are still trying to figure out what questions you need to be asking about ADHD;
  • identify your ADHD and executive function strengths and weaknesses and develop the habits and structures and start succeeding;
  • identify what got you stuck in that rut in the first place, then clarify your goals and start taking those steps forward.

The world is full of distractions, and ADHD inhibits our ability to tune them out or turn away and redirect our focus back to where it originally was.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses – success comes when we learn to use our strengths to help us overcome our weaknesses.

Coaching is not just about performance and achievement. It is about making the effort, learning from the process and moving forward toward achieving your goals.

Fast Brain Coaching is . . .

focused ~ action-oriented ~ strength-based ~ timely

Fast Brain Coaching offers…

Fast Brain Coaching offers one-on-one, in-person, phone and video coaching sessions
tailored to each client’s unique goals and needs.

Who is Coach Lollie?

I grew up back in the dark ages before ADD or ADHD.

I am a wife and business owner with ADHD.

I am a parent with ADHD raising two amazing kids with ADHD.

And now I am a coach taking all that life experience, combining it with my training and following my one driving passion – to help others with ADHD and those who love them believe in their ADHD superpowers, learn how to conquer their challenges and get on the road to achieving amazing things!

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