Thanks to a stretch of lovely summer weather here in Boston – not too hot, not too humid – the boys and I have pushed through the annual post-school, post-birthday sort, purge and organize in record time. What usually takes the entire summer (if not longer) to get done, was finished in two mornings of focused teamwork.

Dusty toys, millions of baseball & Pokemon cards (seriously people, who needs all these cards?!), art supplies, magazines, workbooks, games and books were sorted, mercilessly purged, then organized for easy access.

Annual Summer Sorting

The mountains of papers that come home that last week of school also had to be contended with, but after last June’s S-P-O and the implementation of the storage box system, this year’s battle was quickly won.

School Paper Purge and Organize

One file box with hanging folders for each grade, and another larger box for a few major artworks.

My ADD & OCD certainly does love a well-organized space, but the major benefit of the Annual June S-P-O (sort-purge-organize) is the boys are reminded of the multitude of things they have to occupy their “I’m bored.” time.

Major Mom Win!!

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