Did you happen to catch ABC World News this evening?
Well, once again ABC News has got me donning my Rant Hat! (Remember GMA on Alcohol & Motherhood?)

This time is was a piece supposedly throwing back the curtain on the rise of mothers, that don’t have attention deficit disorder, becoming addicted to Adderall.

Gee, where do I even begin with this rant? 

Remember way back, when they were talking about moms taking their kid’s Ritalin? Remember when Lynette Scavo was so Desperate she swiped a bottle?
Struggling Moms looking for a little extra support is not breaking news people.
Adderall isn’t all that unique when it comes to addictiveness, almost anything can be addictive – chocolate or cigarettes, Diet Pepsi or doughnuts, coffee or cocaine.
And addiction certainly is an important issue – a battle many men & women fight everyday – but this piece was sensationalistic & inflamatory.
One mother in the piece confessed to having had addiction struggles in her past, and when her doctor cut off the supply of Adderall she turned to meth!
I feel for this mom and her struggle with substance dependency, but her story, as well as the nurse that almost overdosed after taking 10 Adderall (seriously, a nurse, 10?), the piece’s dire tone and its lack of a broader perspective cast an ominous shadow over all doctor-diagnosed ADD moms.
This segment on Adderall-addicted moms failed to mention that there are many folks with attention deficit disorder that rely on Adderall, and other ADD medications, to help navigate thru life more smoothly as they try to be the best they can be – professional, wife, mother – not perfect, just better.
ABC News also overlooked the fact that these non-ADD Adderall-addicted moms are contributing to the ongoing shortages doctor-diagnosed ADDers continue to deal.
So, you may be wondering, “Why did Supermom’s Secret Addiction send the Fortuitous Housewife off on such a tirade?”
Well, you see, in case you missed the few ADD references along the way, the Fortuitous Housewife is a mom with ADD taking Adderall daily. (Unless I forget in the midst of the morning chaos. Then I fumble thru my day, only discovering my oversight when I spy the skipped pill in my weekly pill box.)

I officially joined the club in adulthood, ’cause growing up back in the dark ages there wasn’t an ADD to explain my struggles in school & life.

When I started this blog I intended to share my Momming with ADD experiences, but I guess the ADD got the better of me and off I went crafting & cooking & trying to make y’all smirk.
I enjoy my eclectic approach to blogging and have no intention of abandoning the randomness, but in my very unscientific survey there is a lot out there about living with, working with, marriage with, money and, and parenting to ADDers, but I have yet to come across anyone talking about the unique challenges (opportunities and joys) of being a parent with ADD.
I thought I had to do a ton of research before I broached the topic, had to develop my ADD street cred – then a blogging buddy informed me I already am an expert at living and parenting with ADD, I live it everyday. She gave the kick in the tush I needed to stop preparing and start writing.
(Darn her! I was up til 2:30am drafting this post! And she lives 1000’s of miles away so an emergency Starbucks delivery this afternoon isn’t very likely!)
So, periodically I will share my experiences with, perspective on and tools & tricks I’ve developed to live my best life, be my best self with ADD. 
Are you a parent with attention deficit disorder? Maybe you know an ADD Mom or Dad?
Don’t be shy! Raise your hand & join my ADD MOM club. Or share this post with your ADD pal.
Do you know of anyone out there discussing parenting with ADD? I would love to hear about them!

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