about Coach Lollie

ADHD & Executive Function Life Coach, consultant, speaker

ADHDer ~ business owner ~ wife & ADHD parent

I am a wife, mother, and business owner with ADHD, parenting two boys with ADHD, so I understand the unique challenges of growing up with ADHD as well as navigating adulthood and parenthood with ADHD.

That’s why I am driven to help families, students and adults navigate the ADHD superhighway.

Are you…

  • just embarking on your ADHD journey;
  • feeling overwhelmed or stuck;
  • struggling at school, work, or home or with friends and peers;
  • or, steering through a life transition with ADHD playing backseat driver?

My coach approach puts you, the client, in the driver seat, and I am the supportive passenger and navigation assistant you invite to join you on your journey.

Along the way, you and I will…

  • figure out where exactly you are today;
  • determine what your destination is (set your goals);
  • map out your journey (make a plan);
  • spot the potholes (challenges) along your way;
  • learn to leverage your strengths and utilize strategies and tools to smooth the road in front of you;
  • evaluate your progress and make adjustments to your route (your approach);
  • and develop new confidence to take on new journeys in your future.

Coach Lollie is proud to be a member of the ADHD tribe, is committed to breaking down the stigma that many still perceive surrounding ADHD and is passionate about helping fellow ADHDers (and those who love us) find the joys of having a fast brain.

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Presenting, Speaking & Guest Appearances



Advanced CPS Training
with Dr. Ross Greene

Fostering Independent Executive Function Skills
(Foundations Class)

Advanced Strategies to Develop Executive Function Skills
(Master Class)

with Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC-SLP

Teacher to Teacher Training

Special Education Law & Advocacy Boot Camp

Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified

My Gallery of Past International Conferences on ADHD

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