That’s right my ADHD tribe, October is our month!

We don’t have exclusive rights to October awareness, we share it with numerous of other worthy causes, both high profile and obscure – Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Down Syndrome, Bullying Prevention, Depression, Menopause, Italian-American Heritage, Caffeine Addiction Recovery, Ergonomics, Chiropractic & Physical Therapy (seems appropriate chiropractor & PTs share the same month), Books, and a plethora of foods – chili, caramel, pasta, pizza, pretzels, pickled peppers & sausage – to name just a few.

It’s a super important month for us fast brainers, with lots of great information being shared for new ADHDers, ADHD veterans and those who have the pleasure of living or working with us.

Yesterday, to prepare for ADHD Awareness Month, Additude Magazine hosted What Is ADHD? Everything You Need to Know Before and After an ADHD Diagnosis with Dr. William Dodson. (Click on the title to listen to the free replay.)

Then, be sure to check out the ADHD Awareness Month Expo! The Expo is jam-packed with brilliant ADHD clinicians, coaches, decluterers and more! And best of all…it’s FREE!

In addition to the ADHD Expo, ADDitude Magazine, Understood and CHADD also have calendars full of informative & FREE webinars this month –

October 2nd @ 1pm ET –
Tech to the Rescue: Create a Technology Toolbox for Struggling Students with ADHD & LD (ADDitude Magazine)

October 7th @ 12pm ET –
Classroom Accommodations: How to Get Them and What to Consider (Understood)

October 10th @ 1pm ET –
Having the Talk: How to Best Explain ADHD to Your Child, Family, and Friends (ADDitude Magazine)

October 10th @ 7pm ET –
When You and Your Child Have ADHD – Strategies and Treatment Options that Help with Everyday Parenting Challenges (CHADD)

October 15th @ 12pm ET –
Supporting Kids With ADHD in the Classroom (Understood)

October 16th @ 1pm  ET-
A Parent’s Guide to Evaluating and Troubleshooting Your Child’s IEP or 504 Plan (ADDitude Magazine)

October 21st, 12pm ET –
Homework: Challenges and Solutions (Understood)

October 22nd @ 1pm ET –
Win with ADHD: The Best Life Hacks for Adults and Kids (ADDitude Magazine)

October 29th @ 1pm ET –
CBT and DBT for ADHD: How Talk Therapies Reduce ADHD Symptoms and Boost Self-Confidence (ADDitude Magazine)

All this ADHD awareness is followed by the Annual 31st International Conference on ADHD in November! (11/7-9)

This year the ADHD world will gather in Philadelphia for three days of education, inspiration, and community. Click here to get all the details!

This month, in addition to logging into all the informative webinars, coaching sessions with awesome clients, and completing another coach training program to keep my skills sharp and expanding, I am hereby committing to the following –

  • finally getting the ADHD-related posts originally published on my personal blog – The Fortuitous Housewife –  moved to their new Fast Brain Coaching home,
  • and finishing the FAQ and resource pages.

Anyone want to be my accountability buddy this month? Leave a comment below if you’re game!


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