ADHD Awareness Month’s primary objective may be to demystify and educate the general public, but it also offers ADD tribe members (and potential members) a broad range of webinars covering everything from symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, life skills and strategies.

Last night I logged into a terrific session hosted by ADDA – “Timers and Reminders: Smart Tools and Brain-wise Strategies”, with the Eclectic Behavioral Therapist, Eric Tivers.

Eric offered up an almost overwhelming bounty of information, tips, tricks, tools and apps to help us track our ideas and manage our time more effectively.

Eric had a lot of information to share last night, so things moved pretty fast, and the audience’s sidebar chatting was interesting/amusing/distracting, so I’m looking forward to replaying the webinar to capture and digest more of Eric’s presentation, but here are a few of my favorite take aways –

Star Stickers


Star charts aren’t just for kids – whimsical rewarding for ADDers. I love it!


Use your bathroom mirror like a dry erase board – Eric suggested using dry erase marker to jot down things you think of in the bathroom & don’t want to forget. An audience member also suggested Crayola’s Window Markers, while another suggested grabbing your eyeliner pencil – I’m thinking eyeliner would be a pain in the ass to clean off the mirror.

Mirror Markup Tools

Aqua Notes – A water-resistant notepad and pencil I can stick up in my shower? No more forgetting the brilliant ideas and mundane to do’s I think of while bathing? I’m ordering myself a pad today!
Aqua Notes

Eric also had a lengthy list of note-taking & organizing and timers & time management apps. There were several that caught my attention (pun intended) – I’ll be checking them out & share my thoughts in  future posts.

As ADHD Awareness Month marches on, my inbox continues to be flooded with ADD-related emails, full of links, articles and webinar announcements – it’s enough to push my ADD brain over the edge and into “shut down mode” – but I’ve persevered, filtered and deleted mercilessly, and here are few things that have made it thru…

The Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) is offering the following Wednesday webinars (9pm EST, 6pm PST) –

  • October 16th – Adult ADHD Q & A with Dr. Ari Tuckman
  • October 23rd – Tips for Creating the Marriage You Love with marriage consultant & author, Melissa Orlov
  • October 30th – The Leveraging ADHD System: Turning Symptoms into Assest with therapist/coach and author Billi Bittan.

Unsually, you have to be an ADDA member to log into one of their webinars, but in honor of ADHD Awareness Month, webinar registration is open to everyone. An ADDA individual membership will cost you $45 annually, so this is a great opportunity to check out some of what an ADDA membership will bring you.

And if you’re wondering if you might have ADHD, or recently been diagnosed, ADDitude Magazine is offering an ADHD Basics webcast series.

All the ADHD Basics webcasts are free, just click on the webcast link above to register, post a question in advance, or, if you can’t listen in at 1pm EST, you’ll find a link to listen to the recording. You can also subscribe to ADDitude Magazine’s ADHD Expert Podcast on iTunes.

I also came across the ADHD Awareness Expo – a free online expo running October 20-26. The Expo will offer webinars, chat rooms to connect with other ADDers, and products for ADDers.

So how’s your ADHD Awareness Month going? Have you read a new ADHD book or article you found interesting or helpful? Have you logged into a webinar you were glad you made time for?

Now, I’m off to update my calendar so I don’t miss any ADHD gems.

star sticker photo by Morag Riddell via Flickr

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