I’m don’t usually write post-conference posts, I figure my non-blogger friends probably aren’t all that interested in these carnivals of chaos (unless there’s a real story to tell, like getting smacked in the back by a flying “adult toy” while strolling down NYC’s 6th Avenue), but after my weekend of Blissdom, I feel inspired to share what a gift this conference turned out to be.

I’ve attended a several bloggers’ conferences, and I usually leave feeling overwhelmed by the flood of facts and folks (I’m not a natural networker) and a tad defeated (’cause everyone else seems to get it all done, while I fumble about in the ADD maze).

Sure there was the promise of getting away from the usual Momming-daily-grind and seeing my Ft. Worth-based blogging bud, Miss Oh So Pinteresting, and I had heard Blissdom was different from other conferences, but I remained cautious, leery.

Oh what a pleasant surprise awaited me in Dallas!

Blissdom’s Alli Worthington & Unmarketing‘s Steve Stratten lit up the room with their enthusiasm, insights & humor.


There was time to chat with old friends, without little voices interrupting us – Random Recycling, Days With Us, A Beautiful Bite, Mom’s Favorite Stuff, Don’t Mind the MessSimply Stavish, Moments that Define Life.

Random RecyclingDays With Us, Mom’s Favorite Stuff & Oh So Interesting

And thanks to the wisdom of Blissdom, there was plenty of time each day to make many new friends – Claire’s Healthy Home, Miss Elaine-ous Life, Meagan Musing, Chez Moi, Detailed with Love – bloggers of all types, coming together to share, support & encourage.

It was great to meet fellow MOMSonADD member, Jennifer P. Williams, IRL, and meet new MOMSonADD members, A Mommy Story & Simply Tango.

If I’ve overlooked one of my new blogging buds, please forgive, I’m still sifting thru the business cards, reciepts, notes & handouts.


We ate Mexican, drank a margarita (or two), nibbled pastries and gobbled up ice cream sundaes.


And there was plenty of fun – dancing to great ol’ 80’s tunes, saying “hi” to Hank (there was no mechanical bull riding, sorry Stowed Stuff), shopping at the Handmade Marketplace.

Oh, and we learned a thing or two, too!  
Let the Blissdom 2014 count down commence!
Now it’s back to the business of blogging!
Coming Wednesday – Blissdom Part II, The Tale of the Meter Mystery!

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