Phew! Writing that last post felt like running a marathon (something I guarantee you I will never do) or climbing Mount Everest (trekking to base camp I might do, but I’m pretty confident I’ll never reach the top of the world).

I was incapable of turning my attention to any of the multitude of other pressing matters clamoring for my attention. I had to cross the finish line, ascend the peak, hit publish. 

Hyper-focusing – the ironic flip side of my ADD coin.

When I finally hit “publish” I felt like I had really accomplished something, a weight had been lifted.

So what’s next? 
How do I climb back on top of my life and rein in the ADD, put it in its place?
First, I locked away my type-A side. I have to slow things down, be more realistic about what I can get accomplished in the few non-Momming minutes or hours I have in my day, and be kinder to myself when I don’t get it all done. 
Second, I committed myself to myself – take a little time to read a few pages of a book, go to the gym, take a power nap.
Then I gathered up the piles scattered about Weeksworld – kitchen counter, office, dining room table. I sifted, sorted & filled the recycling bin. My only goal for the day – one list.
At the end of the day, I wasn’t drained or defeated. The list is still long, but it’s not about getting it ALL done, it’s about getting done what I can — the rest of it ain’t going anywhere, it’ll be there waiting for me tomorrow. 
Along the way, I had an “ah-ha” moment — 
I can’t start my day with organizing and prioritizing, I get lost in the maze and I never settle in to getting the “stuff” done. 
I work better when I wake to a list, an action plan for the day ahead.
Now I’m off to bed now, hopeful for a solid 7-8, with no interruptions from the hamster racing around in the wheel in my head.

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