One of my ADD coping techniques is following routines, especially in the morning, when this night owl is still half asleep and lacking Adderall and caffeine.

Most mornings Weeksworld runs pretty smoothly – boys get dressed & fed, lunches & backpacks get packed – but when The Weeks Express jumps the track things can get pretty scary.

Shenanigans, scuffles, stress and screeching are not a good school day send off.

This morning things were chugging along smoothly, but when the phone rang three minutes before our usual departure time things quickly turned ugly, and the Weeks boys arrived late to school for the first time this school year.

I’m not one for making parenting chore checklists or star charts, I make enough lists – groceries, errands, chores, projects & posts – I don’t need more lists to tend, but today’s morning stress-fest inspired me to finally put the boys’ daily routines (morning, afternoon & bedtime) into checklist form.

A few laminating sheets, a couple of clipboards and a dry erase pens – we’re ready to tackle tomorrow morning with a whole new approach.  

I have no idea how this checklist thing will go over with the boys, but it’s worth a shot, right?

What are your sanity-saver tricks of the Momming trade?

P.S. I posted 5 days last week (yeah, me!), then the Handsome Husband ditched me & the boys for a weekend of skiing with his crew from work, the Weeksworld schedule was packed with parties and practices, so I gave myself the weekends off from “daily posting”.

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