Arriving in New Orleans early for the annual CHADD Annual International Conference on ADHD, I had spent Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday solo exploring the French Quarter, Garden District and river front, shooting (pictures) and eating (all the details coming soon). So, when Thursday morning dawned I rose early and set my agenda for the day – workout, meditate and complete four tasks on a client’s website redesign before the 5pm conference opening reception.

I checked in with my coach, tied my sneakers, ready to head to the gym, when I called my friend who had texted she was downstairs having breakfast with a friend she wanted to introduce me to. Sure, I said, I’ll stop by for a quick hello.

That quick hello turned into a cup of coffee and an animated conversation, and when the ladies invited me to head out on a souvenir expedition I could only mustered up the slightest of protests before happily signing on for the fun.

My partners-in-fun, Miss DeShawn of Your ADD Answers and Miss Kirsten of PlayDHD, and I headed to  the French Quarter, and checked out a few shops while we waited for Voodoo Authentic to open.

Yes, that’s right, while some parents bring their children a t-shirt or mug, this gal was determined to bring back something a bit more original, something uniquely New Orleans.

It took a bit of time to peruse Voodoo Authentica‘s extensive inventory, but I finally settled on two JuJu Guardian Dolls and a vial of Do Good in School voodoo potion.

Our new buddy, Voodoo Authentica’s Matt, suggested we check out Magazine Street for some truly original shops. Wait a minute, isn’t that new doughnut joint I read about on Magazine? Matt confirmed my intel was correct and that District: donuts, sliders, brew was worth the Uber ride.

As you might guess from my express, District offers an amazing variety of unique flavors, including their totally original “Creole Chi Chi”.


I’ll give you a full review of their fried dough confections soon.

We walked, or maybe it was a bit of a post-doughnut feeding frenzy waddle, down Magazine Street, popping into a wide array of distinctive shops – one with corsets and garters and sequin pasties, another that sells nothing but umbrellas, a treasure trove of fabulous antiques from miniature ukuleles to grand sideboards. Then we discovered Love It!, full of fabulous original frocks and frills all designed by the gracious Miss Danna Lea. (Love It! will soon have its own website, and I’ll definitely be checking it out just to see what wonderful items she’s found and given new life to. Every piece in her shop has some element of history, a story to it).

Miss Kirsten was thrilled with her new feathery bonnet!

So . . .

Was that website redesign client upset when I didn’t get the four action items done yesterday?

Is my coach thinking we should revisit my priority setting and productivity planning?

Nah, ’cause that friend that I happily let hijack my morning agenda is also my client. And, she’s also my coach! 

Yep, folks, this is what can happen when client, coach and friend collide – an unexpected explosion of pure fun with friends!

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