It’s finally here, the day some Moms dread and others, like myself, eagerly anticipate – it’s the 1st day of school!

Again this year I woke with high hopes for a peaceful send off  (I never want to relieve that Worst First of two years ago!), so I willingly sacrificed my early morning writing time, going straight to the kitchen at 5:30 a.m. to put together a special back-to-school breakfast.

I baked biscuits. I chopped fruit salad. I baked bacon (wire rack in a 1/2 sheet pan, 400 degree oven – less mess, no flipping, and nice straight strips – try it sometime).  And my homemade Quad-Berry Jam (made yesterday).

I kept peeking out the window – scattered thunderstorms were in the forecast, but I spied no ominous clouds in the sky.

The condemned men students, now 3rd & 1st graders, got dressed & downstairs with minimal fuss, and dove into their last breakfast before their sentences school year commenced.

No, they don't wear school uniforms, they're just weird, they actually like to dress alike!

No, they don’t wear school uniforms, they’re just weird, they actually like to dress alike! 

Back to School Morning

two excited boys, one happy mama

Walk to School

A quick walk up the hill & the deed was done! And I got 6 whole hours to myself!

I debated how I would spend my first six blissfully quiet hours – workout, catch up on chores, tackle something on my ever-present and growing household project list, or flop down on the couch and watch some mindless TV or read a trashy magazine.

Surprise, surprise – I came up to my office and got right to work!

So far this morning I have . . .

  • notified the winners of the Jet Blue “Soar with Reading” Magic Tree House Prize Pack giveaway – Congratulations to Jodi & Ida Mae!
  • scheduled a pediatrician appointment 
  • scheduled the dog for a much-needed grooming
  • placed an Amazon order
  • paid a few bills 
  • had two overdue chats with far-away friends
  • cleaned up the kitchen & loaded the dishwasher
  • started a load of laundry
  • edited this morning’s photos
  • and wrote this post!

Do I owe the ADD gods a thank you? I haven’t been this productive in months!

No, wait a minute, my two little distractions are off at school! And I’ve got another whole hour before I have to retrieve them! Hmm . . . I’m thinking it’s TV & magazine time for Mama!

How did you spend you’re first day of school?

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