Big news for my fellow ADHD parents – next week (August 20-25) is the first ever ADHD Parent’s Palooza!

Hosted by my friends and colleagues, Linda Roggli of ADDiva and Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of ImpactADHD, the ADHD Parent Palooza is bringing together 30 leading experts in ADHD and parenting for this ground-breaking FREE online event.

ADHD Parents’ Palooza will change the way you look at parenting your child,
or if you’re lucky like me, children with ADHD!

It is an extraordinary week of insight and answers exclusively for parents, with 30 legends and luminaries of the ADHD world, including Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. Russell Barkley, Hal Runkel, Rick Green, Jessica McCabe, Susan Stiffelman, and many more.

Session topics include a wide range of subjects near and dear to parents of kids with ADHD:

  • What Your Kids Want You to Know
  • When a Parent has ADHD, Too
  • Nutrition and ADHD
  • Marriage Issues with ADHD Kids
  • What You Need to Know about Medication
  • Common Co-Existing Conditions with ADHD
  • Using Technology to Help Kids with ADHD
  • Skills for Life Readiness

And that’s just the tip of the ADHD iceberg!

The best part is the palooza is FREE and super convenient! You can log into the live sessions from the carpool line, on your way home from the office, or in your pj’s after dinner. If the live session times don’t work for, you can still listen to the recording for 24 hours afterward. And if 24 hours isn’t enough time for you to absorb all the ADHD goodness, grab yourself the Encore Package for just $97!

In addition to being able to download all the session recordings for your future reference, the Encore Package also gets you 18 informative bonus items!

Join the Parents’ Revolution! Find out how YOUR life can change when you know more about the nuances of parenting ADHD from the top experts in the world!

Move forward with hope, confidence, and inspiration.

Sessions start Monday morning at 10am (ET) so CLICK HERE now to register!

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