It’s the 2nd Friday of ADHD Awareness Month, so here’s another funny from Twenty Pixels‘ A Field Guide to Procrastinators.

Procrastinator Profile The List Maker

Anyone else out there a list maker like me?

Are you an old school list maker – pad & pen? Or have you switched over to electronic list making – iReminders or Evernote?

How many lists do you have going at one time?

I love iReminders – I can have multiple lists, and move items from one list to another, set priorities and alarms, even tell it to remind me when I walk into a certain place.

But I still love me a good ol’ fashioned paper list – ’cause there’s just no greater satisfaction then scratching off items. Checking a little box just isn’t as gratifying.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a fabulous fall weekend. We’ll be apple and pumpkin picking here in New England, which will surely lead to some baking too.

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