ADHD Awareness Month marches on, it’s already the third Friday of October – how’d that happen?! –  so here’s your Friday Funny, once again courtesy of Twenty Pixels‘ A Field Guide to Procrastinators.

The Sidetracker

The Sidetracker – hmm, that could be my middle name! Or “Perpetual Rabbit Hole Tumbler”.

I’m always getting sidetracked by my next great idea, or I’m hopelessly hyper-focused on some mundane task that once completed will surely clear my mind to focus on the task that had to be done yesterday. “It”ll only take 10 minuets,” then 2, 3, 5 hours later I’m still workin’ away at it!

Are you a Sidetracker too? Do you tumble down rabbit holes and lose track of priorities and time?

What are some of your rabbit holes? Mine – photo editing & iPhoto library organizing; recipe binder filing, purging & organizing; Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Feedly – yikes!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have another fabulous fall weekend.

Me? I’ll be baking up pans of Apple-Cranberry Crisp from last Sunday’s apple picking field trip –  I’ll share the recipe with y’all on Monday.

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