The final Friday of ADHD Awareness Month skipped right on by the geeky, blog redesign rabbit hole I was toiling at the bottom of yesterday, and I never got a chance to share my last Procrastinator Profile, courtesy of Twenty Pixels’ A Field Guide to Procrastinators.

field_guide_to_procrastinators_20px-Version-2When all else fails – I’ve done as much “cleaning” as my limited attention span will allow, I’ve written and rewritten lists, and the sidetracks have looped me back to where I started, and I STILL can’t settle down to the one task that need to get done yesterday (or has been languishing for months, even years) – there’s always a nap to save me.

I pit those that lack napping prowess – I can nab me a nap just about anytime, in almost any place. Back in high school, I snoozed at an outdoor music festival while Sammy Hagar performed on stage.

20-30 mintues and I’m refreshed and ready to go . . . ready to go do something that probably isn’t on any of my lists.

Be sure to click on over to Twenty Pixels’ A Field Guide to Procrastinators and check out the eight other procrastinator profiles – you might find a procrastinator you know all too well.

And don’t miss her latest, an hysterical riff on the evolution of the humble “#” – # before it was a hashtag.

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