I love this cartoon by Cathy Thorne, the creative mind behind Everyday People Cartoons . . .


It certainly illustrated familiar territory for us ADDers!

Cathy’s cartoon landed in my email inbox last week in TotallyADD‘s weekly Friday Funnies email. If you haven’t checked out TotallyADD, I highly recommend you do. Rick (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the annual Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder Conference in Orland last month) and his TotallyADD crew are the very funny masterminds behind “ADD & Loving It”, which will be rebroadcast on many PBS stations this month (click here for program schedule).

Now, I’m off to do “loops” around the house (aka preparing and packing) for a weekend of summer fun down on the Cape with The Outlaws.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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