Last month I joined my friend and colleague, fellow ADHD coach and host of the ADHD Essentials Podcast, Brendan Mahan, at Commonwealth Learning Center for a live chat about my journey from growing up with ADHD, to raising two sons with ADHD to becoming an ADHD coach working with kids and parents living with ADHD.

From ADHD Mom to ADHD Coach
w/ ADHD Essentials’ Brendan Mahan


Lollie shares her experiences as kid, mom, and coach with ADHD.  We talk about empathic time travel, the power of fierce moms, why kids ruin sandboxes, the nature of ADHD coaching, and celebrating progress no matter how small.

After recording our chat, we had more fun talking with and answering questions from the fellow ADHD parents that had joined us.

So, you say you haven’t listened to ADHD Essentials yet?
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I promise you’ll thank me for the recommendation!

With ADHD Essentials, Brendan has created a uniquely informative resource,  talking weekly with –

  • educators who work every day with children with learning differences,
  • with parents of neurodiverse kids who share their struggles and successes in the parenting trenches, and
  • researchers & clinicians who are expanding our understanding of the science and reality of life with ADHD.

Thanks so much, Brendan, for the chance to share my story and why I do the work I love doing with your listeners!



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