ADHD coach, Laurie Dupar, of Coaching for ADHD, has put together an impressive lineup of topics and speakers for this week’s Succeed with ADHD Telesummit. Twenty 30-minute calls over the next five days (July 13th-17th) means there is something for every ADDer, parent or partner of an ADDer.

Succeed with ADHD Telesummit

Are you . . .

  • A long-time member of the ADHD tribe, looking a few new tricks to boost your productivity?
  • A parent struggling with an ADDer and their homework or setting limits on video gaming?
  • Or someone who loves an ADDer and needs a bit of insight on how best to connect with fidgety and distracted fast-brainer?

Laurie and her stellar lineup of expert speakers have got you covered!

To get myself organized for what will surely be an information packed week, here’s my list of teleconferences I’m planning/intending/hoping to dial into this week:

Monday, July 13th

12noon EST – Getting Unstuck: The Magic of Smart Analysis with the ADD Crusher himself, Alan Brown

I never miss a chance to listen to Alan’s no-frills, straight-to-the-point advice. I always come away with one or two action items that end up helping on my ADHD mastery journey.

9pm EST – Why your Kid with ADHD Should (or Should Not) Play Video Games with Randy Kulman of LearningWorks for Kids (an education technology company specializing in using video games to teach executive-functioning &amp academic skills)

I listened to Randy talk about the educational potential of video gaming on an ADDitude Magazine webinar back in March – “Minecraft & ADHD Kids: Brain Boosting or Attention Busting?” Missed it? Subscribe to Attitude Magazine’s ADHD Experts Podcast where you find Randy’s talk, as well as a plethora of other awesome discussions.

Tuesday, July 14th

12noon EST – The Importance of Effective Self-Care When You Have ADD with Tara McGillicuddy of ADDClasses

3pm EST – Time Management for Unmanageable People with Coach Rudy Rodriguez of ADHD Center for Success

9pm EST – ADHD, Relationships and Sex: Way Too Important to Ignore with Dr. Ari Tuckman

I might have to lasso the husband into dialing into this call with me. It’s not exactly a “date” but if we have an adult beverage while we listen . . . well, you never know.

Wednesday, July 15th

12noon EST – Creative? Yes! Productive? No. with the always funny & informative Rick Green of TotallyADD

We ADDers need to remember to regularly step back and laugh at ourselves and with each other, so I won’t miss this chance for a mid-day giggle.

6pm EST – 10 Simple Rules of ADHD-Friendly Organization with Coach Lynne Edris with Coaching ADDvantages

Thursday, July 16th

12noon EST – Taming Your Task List with Coach Dana Rayburn

Just one task list? I have SO many – NOW, soon, later, someday, etc. Maybe someone should warn Dana I’m coming.

6pm EST – ADHD is a GIFT! 10 Keys to Leveraging Your ADHD for Business SUCCESS (and Yes, Making More Money) with Shelley Mitchell of My Personal Business Coach

9pm EST – What Parenting Style Works Best for ADHD Kids? with Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster of ImpactADHD

This spring another Weeksworld member joined our ADHD tribe. Now, I’ve lived with ADHD for decades, and over the past 10 year have gotten reasonably good at parenting WITH ADHD, but this parenting TO ADHD is all new to me, so I’m definitely not going to miss this call!

Friday, July 17th

12noon EST – What’s ADHD Coaching with Coach and telesummit organizer, Laurie Dupar.

If you’re curious about what coaching is all about, you should definitely sign up & dial into this call. You can also learn more about ADHD coaching from my ADHD coach DeShawn Wert’s guest post  – Therapist or ADHD Coach – What’s the Difference? Which Do I Need?

Registration for the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit is quick & FREE, and you can sign up anytime during the week.

Miss a call time? You can listen to the recording anytime within 24 hours after the call.

If you want to be able to listen to any and/or all of the telesummit calls anytime, multiple times, you can buy the 2015 ADHD Success Kit for $97. Along with the call recordings, you’ll also get a plethora of bonus eBooks, planners, checklists and webinar recordings from the telesummit speakers.

See (hear) you at the Summit!

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