Guess what I just found on Pinterest?!
     She asks while dancing about and clapping her hands like a child on Christmas morning.

Ok, alright, I know…I’ve got three million things I’m supposed to be doing right now – writing the ceremony for a wedding I’m officiating next Saturday, folding laundry, baking & packing for this weekend’s annual Cousin’s Weekend in CT, finishing three other post I started this week, answering the multitude of emails languishing in my various inboxes, etc.

So what was I doing on Pinterest? Procrastinating, losing track of time, jumping down yet another rabbit hole, of course! That’s what we ADDers do best!

I was innocently clicking thru my browser tabs – email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest — “Hey, I haven’t searched “A.D.D.” recently. Wonder what my fellow ADDers have been pinning lately.”

“a.d.d.” – click – and look what I found – “A.D.D. is a Gift, Not a Disorder” by Brad Worthley.

The title, specifically the “Not a Disorder” part, piqued my curiosity, then the tagline “If you don’t have it, you should get it!” made me giggle. I immediately clicked over to Amazon. The book just came out in May!

As I read the “Book Description” my pulse raced and a ridiculously big smile spread across my face.

“There is so much written about the negative symptoms and effects of ADD – this book takes a completely different view of the diagnosis. There are many gifts to ADD (151 are listed in the book) and Brad will shine a light on the positive attributes that many people can benefit from. Creativity, ingenuity and fearlessness can be just a few of the gifts that make people with ADD great entrepreneurs, business people, salespeople, musicians, actors and many other successful careers. Brad also takes issue with using the word “disorder” in the diagnosis. He believes it should be called simply “Attention Deficit,” because children should not be made to feel broken or defective. People with ADD have brains that process information at an incredible speed compared to others, so why is that a ‘disorder’?” – from

I love that Mr. Worthley is focusing the A.D.D. discussion on the positive, the gifts. I can’t wait to read about all 151 of them!

And I am ecstatic to find someone else that disagrees with that nasty second “D”.  I hate, h-a-t-e, HATE “disorder”, it feels dismissive, demeaning and defeating.

So very sorry Misters Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Waugh (and all the other wonderful authors on my summer reading list), my “Lost Generation” marathon will have to wait, I must dive into “A.D.D. is a Gift” immediately!

Now if only a kind-hearted army of friends would come over to my house and quietly (please don’t distract me!) get all my chores done. Please! Pretty please with sugar on top! I promise to make or bake you something totally mind-blowing as soon as I’m done reading.

I’ll be sure to share my thoughts as I read.

Hey, I just got a great idea – if you’re an ADDer, why don’t you download the book too. We can read it together, share thoughts – a cyber ADDer book club.

The book is available in paperback –

Or, if you’re impatient like me, you can download the Kindle edition for $9.99. (I couldn’t find it on iTunes.)

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