My diminutive desk, the very desk my mother had in her childhood bedroom, is so covered in cluttered there’s barely room to work.

The filing cabinet drawers are stuffed so full of crap no longer needed I can barely pull them open.

And precarious piles of papers await filing in those jammed packed drawers. 

Heck, one pile fell to the floor behind the door so many times, I finally gave up and left it there.
One thing I’ve learned about my ADD is I need quiet. Audio, visual & spatial. To maintain some modicum of productivity, I need to keep the “noise”, the distractions, to a minimum. In it’s current state, my office is no longer a refuge from the noise that fills my world.

A few weeks ago I started an office purge (while the men of Weeksworld were off fishing on the high seas) — I spent several sunny Sunday hours sorting & sifting, filling the recycling bin with no longer needed yellowing pages. But I didn’t get very far in the overall project, and as we ADDers are know to do, I traipsed off to attend to anything but what now felt like a never-ending project.

So I here by promise to finish this purge-interruptous by next Wednesday! (And I’ll share the post-purge photos next Wednesday to prove I kept this promise.)

In the meantime, I’ll keep this vision of office loveliness from my Oh So Pinteresting! pal in mind.

As well as this super cool star I’m gonna reward myself with and hang in my newly reclaimed office.

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