The boys are off having some summer pool fun with the Handsome Husband & cool Aunt Di, leaving Mama the rare day with multiple, consecutive, interruption-free hours to be productive!
Though I really wanted to take a nap or read a book, I kept myself motivated & moving!

So what have I accomplished on this blissfully quiet Saturday at home? 
I’ve cleaned the kitchen, baked a loaf of Rustic Rosemary Bread (for tomorrow night’s dinner with 6-year-old J’s “girlfriend” and her family), folded & put away a couple of loads of laundry, cleaned the living room area rug & vacuumed the house, paid some bills, ran a few errands, planted a new mint plant, watered the flowers & herbs, requested a few books from the library, worked out and showered. Phew!
What have I not accomplished?
While I surged through this fit of super productivity, I have managed to avoid finishing the blog post I should have posted DAYS ago, and numerous other significantly less fun chores on the “stickies” lists on my MacBook’s desktop.
So, ladies & gentlemen of the jury, which is it — productivity or procrastinating?

In my defense, I have finally settled down at my MacBook (glass of Sauv Blanc close by) and accomplished one long-overdue item on the list — Fortuitous Housewife finally has a Facebook page!
So please, don’t let my day be a total waste of time! Please, please, please, if you’d like to keep up with the fortuitous happenings in this housewife’s life, please “like” the Fortuitous Housewife!

Thanks, gang!
Now, get back to whatever chore(s) you’re avoiding by reading this post or skulking about on Facebook!

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