Some days my ADD decides to play nasty, launching my poor unsuspecting brain like a top

It wobbles, it bounces off stuff, but the poor sap just keeps on spinnin‘.

My aspirations for today were highI set myself up for success with a great hot yoga session, but when I got home the swirl of things to do (in the limited time before school pick up) engulfed me.
So instead of flaying about, I’m gonna hit the publish” on this post, head to Panera for a leisurely lunch & some reading, grab a jumbo iced latte, pick up the boys, and make the Barefoot Contessa’s Apple Tarts to bring to a friend‘s for dessert tonight.

That‘s it, that’s the plan.  

To heck with productivity! The lists will be waiting for me tomorrow.

Take that ADD!

After a relaxing solo lunch (I even read a magazine, a real, paper, not electronic, magazine!), one would think the spinning brain would slow down, but NO!

I managed to get home from school pick up with the two children I was supposed to return with, but had to make not one, but TWO trips back to school to retrieve backpacks!

Then, when I needed to defrost a stick of unsalted butter for the apple tarts, I set the microwave to 15 minutes, not 15 SECONDS, and didn’t realize my mistake until said stick of butter was a yellow pool covering the surface of the revolving glass platter.

Yikes! I probably should get out of the kitchen. Heck, I should probably just slip into bed, pull the covers over my head and wait for tomorrow.

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