I just read a wonderful post by my bloggin’ pal at Everyday TreatsOn Being a Small Blog and the Boston Marathon — two seemingly disparate topics that she skillfully weaves together, creating a wonderful web of wisdom.

Now, as you dear & cherished groupies know, I am a newbie to the blogosphere. Despite oh-so-flattering entreaties over the years from associates, friends and new cocktail-party acquaintances,  I was reluctant to venture out into the dark & mysterious world of blogging. 

Writing for nothin’ and probably no one — what a waste of time! Or so I thought! 

What has developed is a stimulating & liberating new outlet for whatever captures my ADD-limited attention long enough to be contemplated and put into words, or a concept or conundrum that has been percolating in my brain.

If Everyday Treats is a small blog, then this place of musings is microscopic. I sheepishly admit relishing checking my blog stats, pathetic though they maybe compared to the majority of blogs out there, I love each digit nonetheless.

I am so pleased (and sheeplishly proud) when a pal on the playground, or an acquaintance strolling through CVS says they enjoyed a post.

And what a thrill last week when a total stranger found one of my posts, my words held his interest long enough to carry him to the end, and left him inspired to leave a comment! THRILL!

So, am I racing to win or just trying to reach the finish? Hmm… I’d like to think there is potential for both, but I’ll be happy with just staying in the race.

I’m glad I finally got started…better late than never!

What race or challenge do you dream of starting? It’s never too late!

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