I set myself a goal a few months back to post a monthly roundup of upcoming ADHD-related webinars – a one-stop spot. And I gotta admit, it’s a pretty easy post to pull together – click around, copying & pasting titles & links.

And I’ve had “write ADHD Awareness Month post” on my priority task list for over three weeks.

And as October got closer, and then the days started marching by, I  couldn’t find the energy, motivation, initiating fuel to get myself started. At the end of each day, I’d tell myself “tomorrow, definitely tomorrow.”

ADHD strikes again – once again derailing good intentions!

So I gave up, told myself to let it go. They’ll be another Awareness Month next year.

Then I sat quietly and thought about it for a few minutes – Why had something that is relatively simple to do feel so daunting?

Sure it’s been a busy month with lots of sessions with amazing and inspiring clients. And the admin stuff, well that’s a vicious sandtrap you just have to climb out of and go back to tomorrow to take few more whacks at that ball.

In those quiet moments, I realized I had slipped into overwhelm.

There were so many webinars and expos in my Facebook feed and email inbox!  I didn’t know where to begin. And everyone else was promoting and posting, why should I bother?

And inspiration seemed to have abandoned me. I couldn’t find anything interesting or unique to share. So I sat down this morning to do some focused co-working with my Sunday Crusher Crew, did a quick skim of my Facebook feed, and low and behold there it was!

Lessons learned –

  • Sometimes it’s OK to let something go.
  • Sitting still and quietly for a few minutes is never a waster of time.
  • And if you give yourself those two gifts, inspiration just might be able to find you again!

So I’m gonna finish this post and get started on that ADHD Awareness Month post!


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And, with no airplane or train tickets to buy, cars to rent, hotel rooms, and meals to buy, attending the conference is much pretty darned affordable!

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