Hey fellow ADDers – has anyone ever told you to calm down, chill out, said you’re over-reacting or you’re too darn sensitive? 

Yeah, me too.

Totally ADD! has a couple of webinars coming up in April that just might help us all learn to calm our nerves a bit and keep our cool just a few seconds longer.

Totally ADD webinarsimage via TotallyADD.com

Next Monday (4/7 at 9pm EST) Stacey Turis, author of Here’s to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire: An Absent-Minded Tale of Life with Giftedness and Attention Deficit – Oh Look! A Chicken!, will join Rick Green of Totally ADD for what should be an informative and funny webinar – I’m Not Touchy! – ADHD, Anger, Emotions and Extreme Sensitivity.

On April 21st (also at 9pm EST) ADHD Coach, Barbara Luther, will be Rick’s guest for what should be a rather touchy webinar, covering a range of sensitive topics such clothing tags, light and noise, to empathy so deep you almost feel other people’s distress – Don’t Tell Me I’m Too Sensitive.

Sometimes webinar topics hit so close to home I just can’t miss them.

And on May 27th, dietician and fellow ADDer, Julie Daniluk, will be talking with Rick about ADHD & Diet – Foods & Focus – just in time to maybe slim down a few pounds for summer and zero in on foods that might be exacerbating our ADD symptoms.

 I’ve got all three webinars on my calendar and multiple alarms set to remind me.

Come join me and other fellow ADDers for what should be both fun and informative evenings!

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