helping students navigate the ADHD superhighway

Youth/Student ADHD Success Coaching

Are you and your ADHD struggling at school?
Do your parents and teachers tell you you’re smart, but your report card doesn’t always show that?

Would like to make more friends or keep the ones you already have?

Is there an activity or sport you want to try, but you’re afraid of failing so why bother?

Fast Brain Coaching doesn’t just focus on your schoolwork and grades, we focus on the whole person!

Our #1 goal is to share the message with young people that their ADHD brain is not broken! It’s unique!

We help you…

understand how your ADHD or executive function challenges are impacting areas of your life;

identify and define goals and the weaknesses that are getting in your way;

discover your strengths, your ADHD superpowers, and explore how you can leverage them to propel you forward;

develop the confidence to explain your challenges and advocate for yourself with teachers, coaches, and even your parents;

and fill your trunk with structures, strategies, tools, hacks…

so you can conquer those weaknesses, get unstuck and get driving forward towards achieving your goals, whatever they might be.

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