student success coaching

Do you ever wonder…

What exactly is this ADHD thing?
And how exactly does
 ADHD impact me?

Why you work so hard and still struggle at school?
Do your parents & teachers tell you you’re smart you just need to apply yourself?

How  you can make new friends
and keep the ones I already have?

Should I try a sport, activity or club, or set a big goal?
Do you worry you won’t make the team, won’t finish or might fail?
Do you end up feeling  like “why bother”?

Learn why your ADHD makes certain things way more challenging, while other things your ADHD can feel like a superpower.

Fast Brain Coaching helps you…

– understand how your ADHD or executive function challenges are impacting areas of your life;

– identify and define goals and the weaknesses that are getting in your way;

– discover your strengths, your ADHD superpowers, and explore how you can leverage them to propel you forward;

– fill your quiver with strategies, tools and hack;

– develop the confidence to explain your challenges and advocate for yourself with teachers, coaches, and even your parents;

so you can start conquering those challenges, get unstuck,
and get driving forward towards achieving your goals.

Fast Brain Coaching doesn’t just focus on getting schoolwork done and grades,
we focus on the whole person success!

Alway remember,
you & your ADHD brain
are not broken!
You are unique!

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